Look Them In The Eye

I have met a number of my wifes previous and elicit lovers, wont count ********* lovers

I look them in the eye and smile. They are most probably think I put one over on you and think, I know that you ****** her and that I sucked your *** out of her ****

Does that make them bi?
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6 Responses May 13, 2012

I've spoken to my wife about throwing a party & inviting all the men she's cheated on me with,before we opened up our lifestyle.She said we should do it,but is undecided about inviting the wives and girlfriends,as that could cause a riot.

I have watched several men **** my wife and I enjoyed it very much. I also met a guy that my wife was cheating on me with, but it was humiliating.

You most likely sucked their *** out of your wife's ****. I don't think it makes you gay.

Who cares? You enjoyed it, didn't you?

Sweet !!<br />
Please add me.<br />
I so want to find out if u are bi

Not really...but does it matter?