Know Many Of Them

I actually knew some my wife's previous lovers before I knew her.

She dated a friend (former) of mine for about 4 years before we started dating - he was the one who introduced us. That is another story, but suffice to say he regretted ever doing that. The more interesting part are the ones previous to him that I know.

When he was dating her I used to hear about her from mutual friands and how they had had her first. She used to be much wilder then.

One friend told me how he got a ******* from her in a bar parking lot. (she has never acknowleddged him)
Another was known to be well hung - she still sends him birthday cards - and will check on him from time to time (she knows I know about them)

She also introduced me to another after we were married - she has inplied he was hung as well - she still emails him from time to time as a friend - he lives in another state now. He was actually my golf partner for years - we never discussed their dating.

All of this has given me an insight into who she was vs the good girl she tries to be now. I know there a more sexual her in there somewhere - just need to get her to let it out.
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I would love to meet some of the men my wife ****** before me

Great attitude Otto !!! It makes it even better that she doesn't even know you know her some of her secret past from her former lovers and from before you met her. Horse must have been really impressed with her to keep sending cards to her. I'm sure he's had a lot of other hot women seeking out his horse services over the years. So, your wife must be one hot woman to keep him so interested. Maybe you should set up a reunion with her, horse, and you some day to join in their fun again huh?

Unfortunately, we no longer live near him. It would be fun if it could happen.

Good for you! I'd love to talk to the guys who have ****** my wife before me to compare notes and to know what she did for them!

Yes, there often is a hidden sexual side in all of us? Some have a much more vivid past than others...but my how time allows some of us to assume no one remembers some of our past naughty deeds?