He Changed My Mind In Regard to Soul Mates

My soul mate is my best friend, not my lover.  We finish each others sentences, we hate the same people, and share so many of the same views.  He is totally a pessimist and I am ever the optimist; this seems to balance the world for us.  He is totally evil and I am but an innocent lassie. (LOL he is reading that and smirking.) So who is this evil loving pessimist?  It is our own Silver01TA!  He is my best friend in the whole wide world.  For all you ladies out there he is hot hot hot, but you have to be very special to date my guy or I will have to veto you.  LOL Just kidding Silver.

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5 Responses Mar 7, 2009

loL I get those too

You would have to ask him that, but I think you are cool so maybe.

can i date him?

I have a very deep love for Silver and he knows it. It is something that no other relationship will ever compare to, in that he knows my soul and my being, and loves me still.

Soul mates I believe are friends only, not lovers. Its never the same with lovers as it is with friends. never, how deep your love may be, still its not the same.