You Look Like a Child Who Is Longing For Home

i drove to the little town way out in the country on a spring night. i was to attend a class that night in a school that was in the middle of nowhere. i should have known that something was amiss because when i arrived at the school, a tornado came through close to where we were at. this is not so unusual in the Midwest in spring however it was a good opening for what was to come. he was the instructor, a man i had never met before, but when i saw him i became immediately annoyed by him as though i expected something rude to come out of him. then, suddenly, he looked at me and a place deep in the core of me shook and i knew that i "knew" him. he began to teach the class and my mind wandered. i was thinking about this phenomenon and then out of nowhere he started talking about it to the class. my mind raced with possibilities and then i thought that maybe he was reading my mind. at that moment he said that sometimes he just feels like people could read his mind! the class went on throughout the weekend and when there was time we briefly, cautiously talked to one another. it was awkward and exhilarating at the same time. during this time i had been having much trouble with people in my life and was feeling very alone in the world. on the last day of the class, i went to the classroom before the last session and was looking out the window and thinking about those problems when he came in. he said, "you look like a child who is longing for home." at that exact moment i was thinking about the afterlife and my belief that when i get there some day i will be back with my family and he would probably be there too. i saw him only one more time a year later. we never spoke of this phenomenon, nor did anything inappropriate occur (we are both married). There was never a sexual attraction. i just know he is my brother and friend from another time and place and in this life at least for now we were just supposed to meet in passing. i look forward to seeing him again someday. 

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Wouldn't it be nice if quantum physics came up with something to explain things like these, the soul etc

I believe this is true. I have known it since I was a child and never stopped believeing it. There is no way that energy (emotion, experiences, attatchments) are wasted on any plane.

Edgar Casey believed many people that we meet, are related to, or have contact with that leave an impression were significant in another life time.