Me And Him Eternally

He just completes me in every way. He is loving,generous,attentive,nurturing....there...just...aren't enough words to describe how amazing he is. I wish I could write a better story than this. Our connection goes beyond anything that can be described perfectly.

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2 Responses Feb 7, 2010

Awww, this is sweet! Good Luck to you guys!

Tgrsldy and I sooooo know what you are feeling, and it is soooooo indescribable...we are often at a loss for the adequate words ourselves, so do not feel alone in that regard. As ones who have been there, we wish you and your beloved an eternity of happiness together. And, we hope you will keep your friends updated with how your beautiful romance flowers.<br />
<br />
You deserve every scintilla of happiness you are feeling! All our continued best wishes!!!<br />
Tigerzback and tgrsldy