A Reunion Of Souls...

I find it rather hard to start this: not because the topic is difficult in any bad sense of the word, but because it is a very sacred thing I am going to share.  My fiance, Penny and i are looking forward to our second time to be together; the first was last weekend.  But, during that first weekend, aside from the physical experiences we shared, we had some very spiritual ones.  Many of you know the feeling that someone is familiar, too familiar to believe that you have not known each other for years.  Well, this is similar to what Penny and i experienced, but ours was so much deeper. 

The bottom line is that Penny and I have come to understand - know with a certainty - that we are together now as a couple through more than hapenstance or serendipity; no we have been brought together by the Supreme God, (in whatever manner you wish to understand that being).  We know that we were meant for each other from the beginning of time, that we have been lovers before when not embodied, and that our lives have crossed at this point in our lives because we are meant to be together now, and for the rest of eternity. 

Some of you may scoff, or thing this is nothing but lust amplified, but she and I know different.  We sat, looking into each others eyes, past our conscious selves, and communicated soul to soul.  We felt that - our souls reaching out to each other, and it is the most powerful experience of true love that anyone could experience, let me assure you.  Our souls tell us that what I write is truth - we are meant to be together, that the troubles and failed relationships we have endured in our past lives here were for a reason - to prepare us- as people and spirits - for the right moment to be together. And that moment in time is now.

The love for each other we share is nothing like either of us have felt before.  The strength of our feelings is overwhelming; our kisses soul-searching and so satisfying. When we touch it both electrical and yet so peaceful to our spirits it is almost impossible to describe.  Then there is this time, now that our souls have communed and reunited once again, and the longing to be with each other.  I want to assure you this is several levels of spirituality removed from just lust for each other sexually, though our intimate moments are themselves earth-shakingly satisfying.  No this is a passion for each other, for needing the  other to fill a gaping hole in out beings; we complete each other, souls merged into a unique new entity we call US. It is the souls of US that cry unceasingly for each other as they are now again distant; it is the love of US that strengthens our resolve to come together and live together as soon as we possible can; it is US that draws she and I ever closer.  For she and I are incomplete and our souls restless and lonely without each other - together, we experience a love, a peace, a contentment, and a level of communication that we find so fulfilling, and so amazing, that my poor description here does it no justice whatsoever.

There is a song that we have adopted; for it speaks to us in terms that few can understand - it is an anthem of truth for us, and we use the lyrics to express to each other both our realization of our truth, and to proudly boast to anyone who understands our truth.

I think I loved you before I met you; I think I dreamed you into life... Penny, my dearest, eternal love, this story is dedicated to US, and inspired by your beautiful, endless, loving soul.   This is a declaration of the reunion of our souls, mates, lovers, and husband and wife from the beginning, and on to eternity.

I love you, tgrsldy, with every atom of my being, and with every fragment of my soul

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this is beautiful :)