Oh Yes

The first time I met my would be soul mate was through a friend. I was over at a girlfriend's house and having a girls afternoon. He rang up my friend and she invited him over. We spent the rest of that day drinking and mucking around.

The next time I saw him was at a party thrown by another friend about two years later. I walked over towards him and he wandered over towards me. He smiled and my heart did an extra beat. We spent the rest of the party enjoying each other's company. After the party he took me home, said he'd like to see me again. He knew that I was a transsexual after our very first meeting. He didn't care that I wasn't the "real" deal, but that told me he found me highly attractive. You can only imagine what a boost the was to my self esteem.

So our romance started. I found him a delight to be with and a very intelligent guy. We spent many hours just talking. Together we went and shared some of his passions which included fishing and off-road driving. It was bound to happen, but i fell for him.. He was always so charming and always considerate. I'd never seen him really angry. His philosophy was one of sorting things out without letting emotion take control. He had a job with a mining resource company doing a variety of jobs When he had to go away for work, I couldn't wait for his return. It was during these trips I was realising that my feelings were deeper than I had first believed. The joy I felt on his return and the pleasure on his face on seeing me was melting my heart. 

After one particularly lengthy trip, I sat down with him. We talked about our feelings for one another. I told him that I couldn't live without him and was surprised when he told me he felt the same way. He said he wanted me to meet his family. I felt my happiness evaporate, knowing that I would be the last person his family would want for him as a mate. Nevertheless, I agreed and  wanted him to meet my family as well.

We were invited to his parents home for lunch one weekend. Also to be  present was his sister. I really went overboard, discarding one outfit after the other. I decided on my burgundy dress with full skirt together with my favourite low heels and of course my anklet. Happy with my clothing I was excited and also dreading the meeting, knowing they would be nice but hate me for being what I was.

He'd forewarned his parents and sister about me being a trans but was determined that he wanted  us to meet.  They were really gracious and I could understand where his nature came from. His mother looked me over and his sister complimented me on my dress. We sat and talked for a while and had a pre dinner drink. His mother took him aside to ask him what the joke was. Not understanding what his mother was on about, she asked him why he'd brought home this beautiful young woman. When he repeated his mother's question aloud, I blushed. At lunch we talked about my history and that I was born male. I told them about my accident sparing the gory details (we were eating) and my transition.  We had coffee and and his mother cleared the table . I helped her and we went into the kitchen and just chatted s I helped her clean up. His sister came in too and we gossipped like old friends. I was enjoying myself .Once we had finished the cleanup, we returned to the lounge room as sat around and talked. Before too long it was time to go. Just before we left his father came forward and said as spokeman for the family that was pleased to have met me and that though I may have been born male, that I had turned into a beautiful young woman. All I could do was blush again and made a quip about being kissed by my Prince Charming.

UPDATE: Since this story was written my true history has been uncovered. I was born intersexed and as such may explain any confusion between my profile and this story. My chromosomes determine that I am female.

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I am happy for you! That kind of acceptance and unconditional love is so rare! Congratulations!