How About Some Russian Roulette?

It can get to the point where you can't communicate with them. They don't get the simplest questions. Gone through a psychosis while still in denial. And I'm only talking about cannabis here.
The point is, it's highly individual how you react. There's no straight answer to if drugs are dangerous or not.

I know for sure I'm not taking the risk. I'm royally messed up as it is, why would I want to stir it further with drugs?

whoslife whoslife
36-40, F
1 Response Jul 7, 2012

I know this sounds funny, but marijuana has royally screwed up my life by mixing up my priorities. I never focused on the future, just worried about having a good time for the past 8 years. It made even thinking about accomplishing simple tasks an anxious ordeal. Now I can barely face my family. I deeply regret my drug use.

Not to mention it caused central nerve damage. Never thought pot use could hurt someone so deeply and I was too manic along the way to realize it.