Don't Let The Kids Know

When my husband and I made the big decision to find a lover for me, we tried several sites and we finally settled on Adultfriendfinder. That was more than 6 years ago and our son was living at home and was about to turn 15. We tried ads as couple looking for a third and I finally ran an ad with just me as a woman looking for a man. I'm almost certain my son saw my ad at some point. Sometimes I forget to log out of accounts and at that time he would get on my computer from time to time. He's always been very good with computers too. One day he asked what Adultfriendfinder was and why was I on that site. I don't remember exactly what I told him but I was shocked. He never said anything else about it until one day he was pissed at me and blurted out "who are you screwing besides dad?" While he was in high school it was a challenge to arrange encounters with the men I met. Sometimes I'd meet a man away from home and when we had ********** with hubby, we'd make sure it was at a time when he was somewhere besides the house. These days it's a little more convenient since he's away at college. I was really embarrassed a while back though when he brought a fraternity brother home for the weekend and told him, "I'd like for you to meet my milf mom".
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Great mom. Add plz

did u fk fraternity brother thn?

Thanks for sharing an embarrassing situation and those situations may happen more often than people feel free to share. Also some kids might find the evidence but never confront the parents.