Trying Another Site

My long distrance honey lives in Kentucky and he comes here almost every weekend and I get to spend the night with my two favorite guys. When I met Richard, he owned a construction company and had a lot of projects going here and was living in our area at the time. When he saw the economy starting take a downturn he was able to sell that business and he moved back to Kentucky. He still owns some rental property here so he's been able to come down pretty often. He's a retired Air Force officer and he has a plane so he flies down on weekends. Now he tells me he has a project going in Texas that's going to keep him out there most of the time so I won't be with him as often. The thing is I really love him and I love my husband but I want a regular man to have ********** with. I met Richard on adultfriendfinder but now I have an ad on OK Cupid which really isn't a swingers site but I'm getting some interesting responses. So far all the men who have responded want a soulmate or only one on one sex. But as long as Richard is still coming down I have a little time.
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2 Responses Nov 30, 2012

Great. I d love to see u in dubai.

WOW that sounds great.....shame i'm on the otherside of the world i'm keen if I was over there ;-)