I Used To Babysit One

I babysat a little boy who actually freaked me out a lot- he was very disturbed, and I believe he was born that way.

I was very close to his family- I lived with them for about a year, and there was no abuse of any kind in the household, and the boy had 2 siblings who were absolutely fine and not disturbing whatsoever. This particular boy was just... different, and there was definitely something dark inside him, though he was only 3 years old. He just creeped me out.

If you have ever seen 'The Orphan', you will have an idea of how this boy behaved. He was always doing things to seriously hurt his brother and sister (like hitting them in the head very hard with heavy toys or running at them and trying to "stab" them with his toys), and then lying about it, and he would do strange and disgusting things- like once when I was watching him, he stood up and pissed in his oatmeal. WTF??

I spoke to his parents about his weird behaviors, but I guess when it's your own child you can't (or won't) see the flaws. They never did anything about him, and since I have lost touch with the family, I have no idea how he is today. Hopefully he grew out of it.

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yup, like wtf!!! creepy kid *sounds like*