I Love Those Crazy People

I recently left a position working night shift in the local state run mental institution.  Yeah.  So, to say I've seen some 'freaks of nature' would seem an obvious understatement. 

As I wrench my brain in search of words to try and relay this experience, one particular guy comes to mind.  Let's call him David (for lack of a better made up name).

David was about 32 years old, and actually quite good looking for a delusional paranoid schizophrenic.  I liked him best on the unit.  He had such a sweetness to his smile and was always the first one up to greet me as I was coming off my shift in the early morning.

"What ya doing?"  was his standard greeting.  "I'm going to give a little pill" I'd sometimes say. I gave out lots of little pills. I swear not 5 seconds later I turn the corner:  "What ya doing?".  I still chuckle at this quirk of his.

One day, I decided to engage with this sweet guy.  He lived in such a wonderful world of delusion.  We should all be so lucky.  He came to Nashville from Alabama to make it big in country music.  (haven't ever heard that one). 

His understanding for why he was there was because he was walking on Broadway, downtown Nashville and was working on cutting a record with ALAN JACKSON, who was also walking around down town..   and he couldn't get the demons to go away from ALAN JACKSON, his new friend and business partner..  

I think he ended up naked in some Walmart parking lot panning his songs or something.

David had little crushes on all the nurses and had plans to marry this one sweet young thing..  LOL.  He was also engaged to Madonna.  How could I forget that.

He did lots better once we got the meds straight.  I couldn't help falling in love with him just a little.  I hope he is in a safe place now.

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NO Asevan - you TOTALLY get it. It's only natural to feel sorry for them, because we know what Real Life is (supposedly). Their quirky flaws are what makes them so interesting.<br />
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The beauty of it all is they have their reality and we have ours. Who's living in a better place? I wonder sometimes.

Zeggle - I feel for you man. But, I would venture to say - You are a better man for the experience? How is your brother these days.<br />
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LOL - Luna.. glad I could help you face your phobia..

Yeah JoJo - perhaps the name of the group is a bit insensitive. It is truly not my intention to hurt, inflame or offend. I supposed I'm comfortable using the term as I feel like I'm one of them. We all are freaks in reality..<br />
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It's like - "I can talk about my mama, but don't you talk about my mama" syndrome.

DB: Sort of off the subject here, but I think that pic of the frog is the funniest thing I have seen in ages! It just cracks me up. Now, I need to tell you that I have a HUGE, horrendous phobia about frogs, and have most of my life. I loathe and abhor them in any shape or fashion, usually even in cartoons. For some reason tho, that drawing just strikes me as hilarious. Perhaps b/c it is so restricted??? LOL Anyway, I copied it and thinking about having a t-shirt made! <br />
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Granted, I have worked for years on desensitizing myself about this, covered it in therapy and truly understand that it is a form of displacement, but I still hate the creature. I esp hate it when the pop up life on some stupid TV commercial. Why would advertisers think that was cute? Perhaps, I am making some progress, but I doubt it. However, it is still hilarious. Thanks for sdharing it!

You said "My heart just breaks for all the sad broken people out there."<br />
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And there are so many. Instead of saying 'Freaks of nature" how about the term 'People with anomalies'? Freaks of nature went by the wayside with circus "freak" side shows. I see so many mentally ill, delusional, homeless people in the ER. It is such a shame that there is not more attention paid to mental health. These people present themselves on no medication whatsoever. It's sad.<br />
But, they are not freaks, they are someone's child, grandchild, brother, sister...........you get the point.

That is so true DC. Right before I left, a lady came in suicidal. Her husband died 6 months earlier in a tragic drowning accident. She had two boys deployed in Iraq. Lost her job due to chronic health problems with Lupus and MS. Lost her house. She was planning to jump off a bridge or throw herself in front of a train. <br />
Could very well have been ANY OF US.<br />
We all have a breaking point.<br />
My heart just breaks for all the sad broken people out there.

Me thinks thou doest protest too much Zeggle buddy... come on now.. tell the truth. J/k<BR><BR>No shame. We are all who God has made us to be. We all have purpose and value.<BR><BR>It could be a lot worse. I keep telling this to myself as I raise my Bi Polar, ADHD, PTSD, PDD child.

Just crazy enough Blue! Just crazy enough.<br />
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MTMHI it was DC. That's where I met EP mate, PinUpPaige. I only worked there about 3 months, between 'real jobs' in my chosen career as a case manager. <br />
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I was assigned to the child and adolescent unit (ironically as my own son was inpatient in a facility in Chattanooga). I enjoyed getting pulled to this adult unit next door.<br />
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That whole experience made me think how lucky I really have it. There but for the grace of God go I and all that good stuff.<br />
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I thought the patient's had more insights than the staff in many cases. A scary reality.

Am I crazy enough for you to fall a little bit in love with? : )

Hey KidMagic! So good to see you. Indeed, we are all crazy. What is normal? All that good stuff. I had more empathy with this guy than I do with most able minded people of the world.<br />
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MY - I think he may have been the one. I'll always wonder 'what if?'

I think in a certain sense we are all a little deranged, in a good way most of the time though. hehehehehe