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Especially recently, I've been adding all sorts of new friends and they are all so unique and special in their own ways!
I love it, because I love broadening my horizons and I love meeting new people. I'm just shy so its harder face to face, and that's why its nice on EP.

Unfortunately, some people have been trying to shove their ideologies and beliefs down my throat. Whereas i can be very accepting and open to new ideas, I don't appreciate being "forced" and repeatedly having to tell someone that I'd prefer not talking about certain things.

I do accept you, and your differences. Of course I do, but does that mean you have to tell me every little detail when I explicitly (and kindly) asked you to please not talk to me about it because i'm not very comfortable discussing certain things. This doesn't make me into an intolerant arrogant fool. I'm not pushing my islamic beliefs to you. I don't tell you a lot of things, because certain things are meant to be private, or at least not shared on the VERY FIRST conversation you have.

There's a certain level of comfort you develop after chatting with people for a while, and sometimes its best to keep conversations at those levels. I'm honest and i'm blunt. If i feel not right talking about your sexual experiences than please respect that. I respect your fetishes, I don't judge. Seriously, I dont. I think its a difficult and wonderful thing to accept yourself and to know when you're different and love yourself anyways and not give a crap about any negative things people might say to you.

But I don't think this means you should be constantly asking me sexual questions, when I've already asked please, lets keep the topics platonic.

Am i being completely unreasonable?

On the other hand, I have met so many wonderful people and just as a shoutout to all of you. YOU ARE AWESOME, KEEP BEING AWESOME. i dont mind about ur foot fetish, boob fetish, depression, bipolar disorder, aspergers, what have you! Despite all the hardships in life, you have remained and continue to shine awesomeness =]
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I understand what you mean.I like many things in life and have experienced many things ,from travel to love affairs to break-ups.and would never push my interest on anyone .fell free to talk about anything you fell comfortable with just let me know.