2 Guys Who Changed Me..

2 years ago. I was gone through a lot of trouble, pain, confussion and learnings.

I had a relationship with this guy, who is 10 years older than me, having 2 kids (he is seperated and took the responsibility of the kids). We met when we bumped at each other on a particular event, i was member of a band and so he was. During that time, we are both single. After that, we often go dating and eventually we are in a relationship. But we lasted only a month. Due to some differences.
But we still see each other even if we are not together anymore. Meaning, we continue the things that we suppose not to do. I really dont know why i do that, all I know is I love being with him. Though my friends are not cool by that, because he is known for a "sick-*** womanizer". I know that, but there are things that only me, knows him more than anyone else and the same way with him. We continue dating in a span of 6 months.


I met another guy, who is totally opposite of him. He is smart, understanding, open-minded, thoughtful, and charming.
He really changed my life and my perceptions about relationships.
Because of that I decide to choose him over the person I suppose not to be with.
But, we had a problem. He is not totally get over with his 3year ex girlfriend. He called me and told me everything!
I was totally shocked and dumb-founded. I thought he is the one. But it's just a make believe. We lasted only 4 months.

As of now, I am still single and waiting for my GUY.
I am very careful now in choosing and trusting others.
And I am very thankful to them because I learned a lot.
They totally changed me even though we ended so soon.

mirmsmecca mirmsmecca
18-21, F
Jul 28, 2010