He Is Something Else

He's a 28 year old catholic, systems administrator and his name is Matthew. I met him through work as he is new in our IT department. He moved to the city I'm living in just 3weeks before me so we both had that in common. He definately caught my eye the first time I met him and I thought he was the kind of person I'd want to get to know. At the time, I thought nothing else of it.

A few weeks after starting there he invited me to go to a ceroc class he often goes to. When I realised he wasn't going to quit nagging me I went with him. I had so much fun and we got talking a lot. I told him things about myself that I don't really make public but I'm not sure why. The very next day we decided to head into the city at night and go dancing. I had a great night and at one point we ended up sitting down for a drink and a chat (seeing as we'd only really met each other a day earlier). It was a real deep and meaningful conversation and I told him things that many people in my life don't know, I don't know why I told him but the words seemed to flow from me before I made a conscious decision to let them. He told me a lot about himself that he doesn't really tell people. I was quite flattered by his openess but very intrigued by him as a person.


The next week or so went on like this with a lot of ceroc classes and a lot of dancing in town. The more we talked, the more I enjoyed his company.


He's a really good person. I have so much respect for him and the way he behaves towards others. He doesn't gossip and won't listen if you gossip to him. He's respectful. Intelligent. Interesting. There are so many things about him that I have come to really appreciate.


He makes me want to clean up my act and really try harder to be a better person. There are so many nasty behaviours and habits that I carry with me but his companionship has taught me how much they lack necessity.


I want to be a better person to myself and others and I'm going to be.

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Im willing to bet that he disagrees with you in that he already thinks your an awesome person or you wouldnt be friends.<br />