Just A Thang

I had a wreck a few years ago, it crushed my foot, ankle and messed up few organs. As of this day I have metal in my foot, still have the screws holding my ankle together. They threatened to cut my foot off, so i thought i could deal with the pain if it meant keeping my foot, and in fear i had my wife bring the car around to the entrance and i stole myself from the hospital. They fixed the files so they would get paid. Forgery!
A few weeks later, they called my home, and told me i had to get the stitches out. Why didn't they tell me the metal had to come out as well?!
I was recently checked by a disability doctor. he told me the metal was fussed to the bone.
JoeHeadley JoeHeadley
46-50, M
Nov 29, 2012