My Sister

My sister is an ok person you know her the tall skinny person who is good at EVERYTHING!!!! She pretty much annoys me cause inside my head I know im smarter but out here it looks like im not. im short and well.............chubby or bigboned. im not an athletic person but boy can i run. i used to play softball,volleyball,andbasketball til my back got in the way of my playing so now i read books and i am academic. so my sister is the person all your friends want to hang out wiht instead of you.
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3 Responses May 14, 2012

A pretty figure isn't every thing
People might see Her and think she's nice athletic but if she has no character people wouldn't like her
What makes a person likeable is their character not appearance
If your not athletic no problem look for something that fits you play an instrument
Sing what ever like

Im not a athletic person either
Just remember how we reflect out selfs is how people see us
So of you reflect yourself in a good way that people like people would like you just as much as your sister ! Okay ?

i guess but everyone wants to be her friend

plz commet