As A Middle Child

I am a middle child, my sister is 17 and my brother is 8. I am 14. I have always felt left out from my family, I am so different to them. My sister never helps out with the housework and I have to look after my little brother all the time. He is better than my sister but not much use at such a young age. I am stuck doing all the house work as mum and dad are away. I constantly get into fights with my mum as I don't feel it is fair I have to do all the work as there are 3 people in the household older than me. Aso, I am a straight A student but my mum never seems to care. My dad has admitted that my sister is his favourite child. My brother turns all her attention to my brother as he is her last shot at raising a child. They just leave me hanging in the air. I actually look forward to going to school to see me friends and solve maths problems, as they are about the only problems in life I can solve.
weareyoung1 weareyoung1
Sep 6, 2012