Sux, Don't It?

I used to never talk about it so I wouldn't sound like a whiny kid or angsty teenager, but if there ever was something that kids should complain about, this is it. It frickin sucks, I wish I had complained about it sooner, even though my parents would just deny it like they do now.

My older brother was the first boy and the first grandchild on both sides, and the first baby among my parents' friends. My younger brother was the shy one who my mother identified with and he got spoiled rotten. My sister was the baby (the only one with shocking red hair) with a medical condition who loves attention. And I went along with anything, I entertained myself.

I was the only one who never got music lessons (or anything similar) even though I really wanted some. My mom took the other kids to Disneyland, not me- no explanation. From age 12, I had to buy all my clothes and haircuts- not so with the other kids. My parents always told me to grow up when I fought with younger siblings OR older siblings. My sister got away with stealing tons of my clothes and anything nice that I had (I had to avoid buying things I knew she would like) because my parents said I couldn't prove that I owned those things, even though my sister never denied stealing. They would yell at me if I searched her room without permission, but of course I didn't care because I wanted my sh** back. My sister is... let's just say, you can buy her spa treatments and take her out for dinner and have a great time with her, but she'll still steal your sh** if you don't lock it up.

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Yes, that's exactly what I was dealing with. Even if they didn't hear the first half of the conversation, they are certain they know all the details and everything that's been said.

Yes my mother denied favouritism but I'm not annoyed about that. I'm annoyed that no matter what my word was never trusted. If I said black was black but my siblings swore it was white my parents would believe that black was white.

That's a shame. Maybe you can do something for him that you don't do for the other kids? If my mom did that for me, I would be open to the idea that maybe she no longer has some kind of bias against me, if it was something big or just something ongoing. None of my business, but that's a shame: /

Thats true Van...Have a middle child syndrome kid myself. Who knew he felt that way. :( We dont speak

Hi Singer1960, I think a lot of people in this group are going to stop at two, so then maybe the world will be a better place! There are far worse fates, but MCS can give you some serious trust and commitment issues.

I kind of took on the role of "unpopular person who calls BS" in my family :) When a problem arises, it makes me feel so much better if I can identify the problem, talk to the problem-maker and offer a few easy solutions. Then I let it go, out of my hands.<br />
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I asked her about Disneyland, but she doesn't care enough to answer, so I let it go. Life is short, and I do love that little ***** my sister, she has her own problems, maybe more than me. I have let it all go now, but I should have addressed the problem back then, whining and whining until they loved me ;) No, I don't know what to do, but at least now they know why I was the problem child.

Hey...I know what y ou are saying here....I am a middle also...<br />
<br />
My Mom was going to visit my sister....and my house was in the middle...She stopped by...ran in and said that she had to use the bathroom....then when she was done...Said that she had to run....traffic was bad...and would stop on the way back.....Wsell when that time came....and she did not stop...I called...and she told me that she was in the wrong lane....and could not get over...<br />
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Parents....Why do they treat their middle like a piece of ****.....And that is why I only had two....No middle child for me

Van your story brought back memories. I had six sisters and I was number 5. I can assure you, if you didn't steal the sh... didnt go on a rampage about THEIR behaviors...<br />
You aint gonna make it. Somebody has to be the black sheep...really!! lol <br />
Now, as for the trip to disney...that sucked. <br />
I would love to know now, why they chose not to take you, and keep asking.<br />
I always got to go Aunt Alice's house and nobody else.<br />
Oh yeah, I got stuck between her nerdy gay boys on the couch while they tried to pinch each other. I got stuck going to the salon where the hairdresser would give me this awful perm that burned my hair to a crisp...<br />
Then go home like a clown in hysterics begging my Mother please please dont send me back there...Send Joan. NOT me.<br />
Then I got to go to Grammys all by myself. That was good. Why? Cause I was a tom boy and my mother had so many other siblings it was good to be without me. I raised alot of grief getting into trouble all the time.<br />
Thats ok...Life was good anyway. Givem hell and all that. I turned out ok. So did you right ?<br />
<br />
Take it from me, your parents loved you anyway. So did mine. They arent perfect, but neither was I perfect.<br />
I always stole my sisters shorts and she said I stretched them out cause I was a fat<br />
Well guess what. she gives me all her clothes now cause she has outgrown them. (gaining weight) to love them. :) LIfe is too short.

Of course not, the ownership's irrelevant. Oh and a slap, that's just... your mum prolly denies the favouritism, too, right?<br />
<br />
It's not even about the material stuff, it's the disrespect and self-righteous attitudes that make me nauseous.

My sister often helpped herself to my CD collection and returned them scratched or never returned them.<br />
<br />
I know how you feel I was the one who got a slap from Mum for entering my sisters room without permission and stealing HER CD's!!!!! I then pissed them both off by getting the amazon receipts out and insisting on an apology from the pair of them.<br />
<br />
I never got the apology.