I Think I'm Having The Child Syndrome !!!

for the past months i been thing about disappearing, coz i don't think i'm having any attention... actually my life suck my parents got divorced bout 5 years ago and i starts to become shy and i didn't feel like i had friends. So my suckish life start from the divorce, then my dad got married, then he had a baby who's now 4 years old and for no reason but i just hate my dad and his new dumb wife, ps she's a money digger and she's fat... i have no idea  y my dad choose her but... soo back to that middle child disaster, since i was in 1st grade everyone tried to make me like my sis coz she's this smarty pants who goes to every math olympics and get gold, popular and the sweetheart. so if get a bad grade like b or c i would go to the priciple's room to get scold, then my dad would freakn beat me up, btw i think he hates me coz, my aunt told me that he almost killed me when i was small and my mom saved me. and after his new baby he starts to ignore me and stuff like that. so i went to usa to get out of this mess when i was 9 and i had the happiest time of my life... then i started to get a plus every semester... then one day i got depressed that i was missing the whole life time with my parents... then i thought about my sister and that 4 years old brat i started to have the same syndrome again... this is just wrong and since the day one i always whated to be a daddy's girl but it didn't really work out so yeah!!!

gookiki gookiki
22-25, F
Feb 23, 2010