'Hypergraphia', a Compulsive Urge to Write.

When I was nine I told myself I was going to write a story about my life. By the time I was in my mid twenties I had written parts of my life over and over again in a journal. As my attitude changed about my childhood so did the way I wrote about the experiences I had. The pile of journals I had grew bigger and bigger.

I was never one for slouching into the couch and watching television. Never was one for the great indoors either. So I would sit down and write in my journal all the time. It was not until recently that I found out that this compulsive need to write was something that had a name. I knew that there were many people that talked about writing their life story but I was unaware how many people were actually giving it a go.

So now I am working on putting many of my life experiences into readable order to create a book called "THE WOTS FAMILY". It has become a long and drawn out story to put in order because I still want to write down all these other thoughts that come to mind.

The fact that I have a hard time reading and a very short attention span my own life story isn't the only story to rise to life in my journals. There is poetry, quotes, jokes, children's stories, adult stories and a whole lot of ideas. I have contributed to these stories of fiction and they are scattered through my collection of journals.

Now I am getting on in years and thought seriously about what might happen to these journals if I die. An idea I have for this I put on my wish list.

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3 Responses Aug 4, 2007

Whether it's hypergraphia or not, this is great! Did you know that in Victorian times, children and adults used to make private "magazines" or scrapbooks with the family news for the year, funny stuff, art, poems and so on? I was reminded of them as I read your account of how your autobiography expanded over the years. I hope you do publish it, poems, quotes and jokes included. It sounds lovely.

You know, I think Kafka had this. He just HAD TO write and it went so far that he broke two engagement because he was scared he wouldn't be able to write anymore if he was married. :) I hope it's not that bad with you. I just hope it's a blessing, not a curse...

I don't have hypergraphia, but I've heard of it and I do write an immense lot (800,000 words and going, anyone? ^_^; ). I hope you can determine what to do with your own great amount of writing!