Wondering Why

I starte getting the headaches in 2004, at 1st it was one or 2 a month no big deal although it hurt like hell, when I was preggo with second baby the headaches increased enough for me to go to DR. I was diagnosed with sleep apnea at that time. after wearing my cpap for a while the headaches went back down to 1-2 a month or less. around 18 months ago, I started having them 1-2 times a week. bad ones I had been wearing my CPAP regularly, so I was baffled. I went in and they sent me to physical therapy. it didn't help. 7 months ago I moved to the east coast and slowly the headaches increased  to everyday, in december I experienced my 1sr aura. 30 mins of not being able to see and when it sudenly stopped I had the scariest and worst migraine of my life. it last only 4 hours (shorter than my normal headache) but it was 10 times more painful, jst when I was going to go to the ER (I know I probably should have gone right away) it started to ease. then a few weeks later, I woke up with the migraine, it last all day and finally at 8 pm I went to the ER. they gave me some pills to knock me out. but the headache never really went away for long. my own DR gave me maxalt and ordered a CT for a precaution (I have a strong family history of migraines) not expecting to find anything. the maxalt worked great to get rid of the head aches  but in january I had 14 straight days of headaches. (I finally started marking on calender) 7 headache free days and when they started back up 7 days ago I have had 2 a day and saturday I had 3. the maxalt stops the headache for a few hours. My cat scan found somthing. My DR is not sure what so i am going back on the 20th of feb for my MRI.   Thats my history in a nut shell.

my question is have any of you had somthing found on CT? what about auras? and how do you cope when you can't stop being a mom for a F@#king headache?

I am more frustrated than anything, I feel helpless waiting on DR's and depending on meds that may or may not work. My 7 and 5 year old don't get that when mom has a headaches I don't want to play cootie!!! I love them and I want this to go away not just for me but so I can have my life back.

vern757 vern757
Feb 11, 2009