"people With Down Syndrome Are Sooooooo Happy"

If I hear "People with down syndrome are sooo happy" one more time I am going to puke. No, people with Down Syndrome and other kinds of severe genetic anomalies are not SO happy, idiot. They are lost inside warped brains that don't work right. They don't know what's going on. That's not ******* happy. If you are stupid enough to believe that down syndrome is a happy condition then I hope you wake up tomorrow with the condition and spend the next fifty years of your life living with it. Serves you right. But don't ******* give the condition to your child. A child is deserving of better.

If you believe that people with severe physical and or mental deficiencies are soooo happy and don't even want to be cured, you also believe that people on laughing gas think everything is hilarious. They don't, idiots. Their mind is under an influence and therefore they laugh a lot.

I am sick to death of you parents who want to justify that you damaged your own child- by giving them the "gift of life" or should I say imposing the torments of life upon a helpless victim- and you don't want to acknowledge all the pain and humiliation you caused your victim and so you pretend it's all flowers and rainbows. You deserve your child's hatred.
rahayel rahayel
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good why to be me too!!