Cant Sleep In Dirty Sheets

Before I moved out and started college i was a very untidy person, never caring about my room or the house, but when i moved out i developed some strange compulsions.

First off is the dishwasher. If things are not put in their proper place, or do not follow my rules i have to reload it. And when my roommates dont lode the dishwasher right or at all i get really annoyed. Cups have to go on the sides of the top rack. Plastic bowls must be slightly overlapped in the middle top. If there are too many glasses in one load the glass ones can be moved to the lower level. And lots more...

But the biggest one that i struggle with is this sleeping OCD. I call it my "cant sleep dirty OCD."

I shower at night - if i do not shower my brain thinks i am dirty. If i am dirty i cannot put on my clean PJs or get into my clean sheets. Thus I cannot take naps under my covers either, i have to sleep on top of my comforter.

If for some reason i cannot take a shower at night and wash my hair i HAVE to put on PJs that cover ALL my shin except head and hands, and flip my pillows over in a specific way so my dirty hair doesn't touch my clean pillow. And even after doing this I will most likely have to wash my sheets the next day.

This has also bled over to boyfriends. Unless they shower at my place they cannot sleep under the covers with me this either results in both of us sleeping on top of the covers or a lot of laundry and extra showers...
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18-21, F
May 6, 2012