Have I Really Found My People?

I was once told that "Paranoia is Freedom". The more I study history, the more I realize that all of my worst fears are in fact true. This country is really run by a secret government, who's economic base is funded by the military industrial complex. That beginning with Eisenhower, even the Presidency is controlled by this elite team. their main goal appears to be very simply, to keep us at war. It's hardly driven by idealism, or political world views. It seems, very sadly to be driven by profit motive and keeping themselves in power no matter what.

So, for the sake of brevity, here's my synopsis of the last 40 plus years.

When JFK tried to end the war in Vietnam, he was assassinated. When Johnson tried to wind the war down, he was blackmailed out of office. When Nixon made his first attempts to wind down our presence in Viet Nam, he was forced into resignation by Watergate. Now if we just pause here for a second and look back taking notice who keeps the ball rolling when these presidents stop playing along...we can see the same group of henchmen over and over again being sent in to do the dirty work. They were there at the Bay of Pigs, they were there in Dallas, they were there in Los Angeles at the Ambassador Hotel, they were there in Memphis for M.L.K., and when Nixon was driven out, he was replaced by Ford. Why? Well, he, Ford, was there on The Warren Commission spying for the CIA, so when he showed how well he played ball...they trotted him out knowing he would pardon or pay hush money to all of the Watergate plumbers and Nixon as well, lest any real investigation look into what Watergate was really about. When Carter won, they(turns out it was George H.W. Bush who masterminded this next one) created the October surprise. Creating the win for Reagan and 12 more years of war, as he had two terms, followed by H.W. Bush's one term win in which we invaded Panama, and then had the first Gulf war. I happen to like Clinton, even though he was on the inside with all the secret wars in the 90's. The real corker of course has turned out to be Cheney , Wolfowitz, the super creep at the Pentagon, and their bozo in charge, George W. Bush and let's not forget the Bozo's Brain, Karl Rove. They gave us  9/11, Iraq, and Afghanistan...and that was just for starters!!

I used to hear people chant the cliche, "The Meek Shall inherit the Earth, after it's of no value to anyone" . This is where I see Obama right now. He's the first truly good person to be in the White house since JFK. But the mess is large....and the criticism of him by the right is disgusting. Actually, let's just make that the right as it exists right now is disgusting. The sheep like followers of Fox News pundits and Sarah Palin are just getting in the way of everything. This latest dis-info fueled reaction to healthcare reform is so far beyond following anything that even slightly resembles reality. I would find it laughable, except these Tea-Party clowns have gotten into the mix, and they're all too well armed!!

So it's "Yes We Can" Vs. "The Party Of NOOO!!!" . I'd like to know where my fellow misanthropes stand?

Sincerely yours,

The Pain Tone

PainTone PainTone
46-50, M
Apr 23, 2010