The Great Hunter

Greetings. Is it not great knowing that we, humanity, are so very much above everything else on this planet? Don't you feel like just getting out there, in the wilderness, filled with mindless savage beasts, perhaps bringing your son along? And just shoot the living hell out of them animals! Hunting! Yes We Can!

What is the difference between a human and an "animal"? To be honest, I am having difficulties calling animals "animals" anymore. Is it not more correct to call them, "the other animals"? The term "animal", I suspect, comes from arrogance. Human arrogance. Humans like to think that they are superior, that they are above the animals. The embarrassing little truth however, states otherwise. Maybe it's just me, but I really cannot see the superiority of a being that HAS a superior intellect, but CHOOSES to kill, because it is amusing. That, if anything, is proof of a lazy, corrupted and an unintelligent mind. The mind of a degenerate.

Once upon a time, it actually made sense to hunt. You either did, or you died. You simply had to. Today it's mostly about fun. That's right, it's FUN to hunt. It's FUN to kill! Let's make this topic a little more interesting and ask the question: What is the difference between hunting, and outright murder? Why aren't you branded a murderer when you kill a defenseless wolf, bear or any other animal? Just how is there a difference in killing a wolf mother and in killing a human mother? And how is there a challenge in sitting on a tower, where the animal can't reach you, can't see you, and cannot hear you? Also! As a modern "hunter", you have a modern weapon. Any moron can fire a gun. All you need is some training at some shooting range and you got yourself a **** ant with a weapon that can kill anybody instantly.

Kill an "animal"? No big deal, you might need a license for it though! Kill a so called "human being" and your life is basically over. Imagine saying something like this: "What? Why was it wrong to kill this guy? I thought it was a great idea! I just wanted to have fun!" The fact that humanity can hide behind something called "human rights" is pathetic and outright frightening. Think about it, humanity needs to tell itself that it has a "right" not to completely destroy itself? Like I said, frightening.

So what IS the difference between a human being and an "animal"? Well, a human being can question things, it can think before doing something. It can be rational, it can reason. It can look up towards the stars and be amazed, wonder what is up there. Yet so few do these things. Something I often ask myself is: "Why?" Why should I respect them? Humanity could be so much more than.. This.
KingNothing90 KingNothing90
22-25, M
Sep 21, 2012