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when i was achild, as with many i was severely abused. iheld it in for a long time. when i was a child i was always araid id be killed the abuse was so bad. i do not like people in general, even myself. the things ive done. i often wonder did god make a mistake? how can people be so bad. why do we do so many cruel things. it seems easier to hate then to love. society is warped, we are a selfish, overindulgance country. hate everywhere in the world. i just resigned from freinds, all they do is lie, and stab you in the back. i wish i could think better of people, but i d only be lieing to myself. god said it best man is evil in his nature.
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I can relate. But it doesn't mean it's a mistake. God makes things happen for reasons. Probably the abuse you went through might teach you something or make you have a better insight about life. Same applied for your friends.
Maybe if you didn't go through all of that, you might have to face other challenges which you might also dislike and be unable to stand up for. Humans are weak. You know that the smallest thing in micrometers could kill thousands.
I have to say most of my relations with people and friendships in life turn out to be disappointment and it's still hurting me. And I got to admit I am becoming sort of misanthrope myself because of that. However try not to lose your empathy especially for those who need help. And whether they'll thank you or just walk away, you know that you're doing it for it being the right thing, not just out of emotions.
Good luck

how do i talk with others in here. im new to this