Another Side To Myself.

I believe myself to be affected from misanthropic tendancies. Sometime I feel like I have the whole general dislike for humanity as a whole around me, and can fault in almost anyone I know, from aqquaintances, to people I can about. But sometime I find myself thinking extremely dark thoughts, leaning towards a misanthropic mental state.

I'll be walking around Uni and see a group and imediately think "You pieces of trash are just a waste of space. Just die already." For no reason. It will just come out of the blue. I might not have even been focusing on them, my eyes might have just glanced past them, then all of a sudden, a sudden burst of hatred for some anonymous humans. They haven't done anything wrong, and might be just having a good time with my friends, but it still happens.

It's wierd. Moments after, I'll think "What the hell? Where did that come from?" Logically, I know that these people have done nothing wrong to me and probably never will. They don't seem all that bad, just the usual teenager to young adult, the same category I'm in. And yet it's like there is another side within myself that just hates on every single person I pass.

I really don't like it. I feel like it projects an aura screaming for everyone to back off when they appraoch, or maybe that's just because people aren't very social and tend to keep to themselves. Still, I don't want to think such things, but the thoughts arise anyway and I don't know why or how to stop them. Really puts a stopper on any attempt at a social life.

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Up until about a year ago, I was probably one of the most optimistic people when it came to the general population. However, due to many, many, MANY instances where the human race has dissappointed me terribly, unfortunately, I have found myself to have very misanthropic tendencies and a general hatred for everyone buy my social group. I'm not stuck up or snobby, I just don't take the time to get to know people anymore like I used to & all of my friends don'tr eally see the misanthrope inside all that often. Trust me, you're not alone & if I could, trust me, I'd change (I just can't get past the fact that most of the people that are around me are either stupid, lack common sense, rude, have no manners or are just all around idiots).

hmm, well dont despair, your not alone. i do the same thing. i wish i didnt. i dont know why. i do remember a time when i was not like this though.<br />
there is bad in all people, but there is also good in all people(well thats my theory). maybe one day you can change you way of looking at everyone.