My Heart Probleam

         I have a heart probleam. One of the valves in my heart back washes. My heart also beats twice as fast as others. So, I'm always tired. I can't do any thing that is stressfull at all. So no sports for me at all. I can't work at all. I'm on SSI. i also go see a heart doctor. I just have always wished that I could be normale. Have a normale life as well. Its been hard watching people do things that I haven't been able to do at all.
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5 Responses Aug 10, 2010

Is it ok to give birth to a child after having mvp ? this is my major worry :((

I feel you guys so much. I have 3 children and suffering with heart problems since i was 16 years old. I just wish i could not have this problem and I just wish and pray everyday that i will live to see my children graduate. How long have you guys had MVP and is it minor or serious? What are your symptoms?

Normal! yes thats a feeling im always wishing for also. this can get real old real fast..How often do you just watch other people around you and wish you could just trade places with them and not have to deal with this even for one day? I know I do that alot..thinking they have things so easy...but then I realize that others have alot of problems too and theres probably people thinking the same thing about me at times..

i feel you to i have a mechanical valve in my heart and it is stressful and i get tired all the time

Oh, can I ever sympathize with the feeling of wanting to be normal. Having a heart problem -- any kind of heart problem, no matter how benign -- is scary. People with normal hearts don't realize what it's like. I feel you.