Mother Of Child With Mvp

My 8 year old daughter was born with MVP, although we didn't find out until another doctor informed us of it during her 4 year old well child check.  She was sent to a specialist who told us that she has a mild form of MVP with no signs of regurgitaton as of now.  She also has a heart murmur.  He said to treat her as a normal child...let her play basketball, baseball, etc.  I have recently done some research and found that several people have died in their sleep and heart failure...all found to be from MVP after autopsy was performed.  Which is it?  Can my child live a normal life with MVP or am I going to lose my baby to this one day?  I am distraught!!!  Do any of you have children with MVP and what prognosis have you been given?  Those of you living with MVP right now, how long have you lived with it?  Thank you so much!
Kaylee's mom
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Hello Kayleesmom,
I also have Mitral Valve Prolapse or also known as "MVP" im already 14 years old today. When I first known that i have "mvp" was when i was 13. i gladly accepted it because I have noticed that during the past years there is like an aching feeling in my heart. Then I asked my parents to bring me to a heart doctor. Then the doctor recommended me to take a stress test. It was successfull. Then a godmother of mine to do 1 big inhale and 2 big exhale. It's okay to let your child play but she should know her limits. I also play in our intramurals last school year it's now a better feeling because now I know my true condition. and also i highly recommend sports drink when your daugthter plays. thanks for sharing. More power to you. and God bless you.