Scarlett O'hara

(from what i can remember)


She was inlove with a man name Ashlee. couldnt have him so she married a soldier that would be fighting with the man Ashlee who she is really pining for. her husband dies in the war and instead of her worrying of her husband, she always worried of Ashlee, reading the list of the lost at war and was always relieved that Ashlee's name never came up. even after he husband was killed she didnt morn long. when your husband dies back in those days you where to wear all back for a year and be sad. Scarlett had other ideas. she dressed in what she wanted as others judged and was in blatten shock of her display of no respect for her belated husband. 

for most of her young life she was pining for this man Ashlee so much so that she was only hurting herself and others. she married a wealthy man who loved her very much all though he knew she didnt love him but he was hopeful that she would if he gave her everything she ever asked for but the truth was, Scarletts most important wish was to have Ashlee. Ashlee married and had his own children. his wife died though and Scarlett ran to his aid (there is ALLOT MORE to the story like the WAR) she took this as her chance to try and get him for herself but she was already married and he noticed this reinforced hope in her eyes that she could have Ashlee now that his wifes dead. he didnt want her and broke her heart. she hurt the man that loved her and herself. this man Ashlee never loved her, he was a gentleman with no feelings for her other than as friends. she fought for so long and waited so long to realize shed never have him while she had her own family and he ignorance to the fact that she had everything she ever wanted except one thing ASHLEE. she had a big house, a handsome husband with money and a beautiful daughter with him. she had all the loveliest dresses and jewels and yet she took it to herself to be selfish and a bratt (my opinion) she always wanted more more more. she lied to her husband to get him to marry her. she dressed all fancy (in curtains cuz she lost all her money but posed as wealthy) and told him shed help him (i THINK it was the last bit of her money and she was bailing him out of jail and in hopes that he would marry her if she bailed him out and she wouldnt go hungry again. he saw her with this out fit in that time of when all where hungry and suffering. he was happy to see that she didnt have to live so poorly but he didnt know she was posing wealthy). she lied and said she loved him and wanted to marry him and was over Ashlee and so he married her but deep down he knew she was lying but he loved her too much.


i have mixed feelings about Scarlett O'Hara... shes selfish, un pleasent, unthankful and looks for things that she cant have. 

on the other hand, if i put myself in her place, if i loved someone that deeply and had her faith, why not live for your heart?? look for what your HEART wants? even if it hurts others, its how you fallow that heart that matters. so she didnt fallow her heart so easily but she didnt lie to herself and try to convience herself she wasnt in love with Ashlee. 


shes a strong woman, she didnt care what others thought of her. she was proud being her and thats a good roll model.

shes not a good roll model cuz she hurts others and herself. 


in the end i learned the most important thing... dont spoil your kids, if they ask for a pony dont get them one or theyll fall off of it and die.

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Feb 7, 2010