Mixed Connective Issues

In 2002 i was at dance college when i started to feel really unwell i would vomit on a regular basis  because i was on a dance course people asumed that i was making myself sick, doctors would'nt listen to me and my mother carried me into hospital at just 4 stone we thought for along time that i was'nt going to make it but i battled thru i started to get very bad joint pain and my wrists and knees would swell i thought because i had lost so much weight that this would be an effect of that but 9 months later i was diagnosed with mixed connective tissue disease  i had never heard, i was told i had ( sorry for the spelling) lupus, scleraderma, and arthritis  after my parent and grandparents read up on this they seemed to very worried and very over protective a year and a half later i returned to college only to find that i not only struggled with my health but my confidence had hit rock bottom and i had somehow forgotten how to communicate with other people so instead of causeing myself any more untoward stress i left. I have always suffered with depression but  it now seemed so much worse as i felt like a complete failure. Six years later and i still have'nt been able to complete anything on top of it all i lost all of my friends, i think they felt that they would have to become more of a babysitter than a friend. I started to volunteer with my mother at a youth project which seems to be my only " get out " away from this constant struggle. i am now so worried about trying to get a job as i am not reliable at all. I must say one thing though i had a treatment two years ago called rituximab witch was explained to me as something that worked the same as chemotherapy it kills your immune system therefore kills your disease i had terrible trouble the first time i had it but after 6 months i felt alot better that i had done for along time. I still have some pain and get bad fatigue and struggle with depression but im keeping my head up. And must say Im so pleased to find people who have the same as i do iv spent so long feeling alone and that no one would understand.
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Hi my name is Sue I have had pain and fatigue for over 4 years. I am a hair stylist and had a bad car accident fracturing C-1 in 1992, which I contributed a lot of my pain to. I have finally found a doctor that is familiar with autoimmune disorders and has diagnosed me with mixed connective tissue disorder but is still running test to narrow down. He put me on plaquenil and medrol dose pak till we get results but I will be glad when I get some relief. So far the only time I would get relief was with the steroid pak. Too bad there are so many bad side effects!!!