Hitting A Brick Wall

I've been ill for the past 7 months. No one knew why. Until test showed that I have connective tissue disease. I finally thought we were getting somewhere. But now they can't find what type I have. They keep trying the same things and getting no where. Every time I get under control with steriods they take me off them so I'm back to square 1. The hair loss is bothering me and the moment and making me lose confidence
Purplebutterfly85 Purplebutterfly85
2 Responses Dec 6, 2012

I have found eatting fresh fruit and vegs really keep me going. I refused take Preidsone and Plaquenil. Nutrtion first Your food is your medicine, and medicine is your food as they say...
God Bless

Just hang in there and educate yourself on ways to help cope with pain the natural way besides some of these meds they want us to take . I have lost some of my hair as well when I was taking plaqunil . I found just by juicing raw fruits and veggies every day helps build your immune system , and gives you energy .. my hair has grown back and I have more better days then I had before . I'll keep you in my prayers . God bless you .