My story is that I got diagnosed a year ago finally after years trying to find answers to why I felt the way I did . I had a tubal pregnancies 5 years ago and my tube ruptured and I almost bleed to death which that took a couple of months for the doctors to figure out what was going on . Well after all that mess and hell my body and myself did not feel the same I was and I am always sleepy and loopy and very weak , pain everywhere sometimes too. I got worried so I got blood test after blood test I thought is was my anemia or something else i knew something was not right . Well last January is when I got my answer . Mctd which mine is more blood related so it attacks more . I was scared at first and have researched ever since but I learned real quick that this is something I have to live with so I live life as positive as possible second minute hour day by day cause we all know it changes a lot . My new systems for the last 5 months has been breaking out in hives every night on legs arms neck sometimes stomach and it burns and itches so bad but I take a antihistamine and it helps Also cold weather effects me it makes my bones and joints hurt and makes me really sleepy . Another thing I get tooth marks once in a while on the rim around my tongue which found out it is a deficiency in my diet of something . Well that is most of my story of what I can remember today memory can be crap sometimes .Well this is all i can think of right now so if i can give any advice is that to live life second minute hour day by day and take care of your self and stay away from negative and always try your hardiest to be positive ... :) thanks for listening or reading my story.
JamieM143 JamieM143
31-35, F
Jan 17, 2013