The Continuing Saga

So this member of my family is not too intelligent.  She is living a life that is Jerry Springer like.  It is like a cycle repeating.  Her mom and her mom before her had unplanned pregnancies.  They were living a life of poverty.  She believes that her relationship with the guy who impregnated her is going to be with her forever.  It is a doomed relationship because she only knew him for a couple months before suddenly becoming prego.  The sad thing is all her friends are having all of these unplanned pregnancies and babies out of wedlock left and right.  She did not see any other way of being.  It wasn't in her personal culture.  In her culture, you get drunk and party, you have sex with multiple guys you just met, and you have babies too young.... you get put on welfare and your pawn your baby off to relatives to raise while you continue to grow up, get drunk and party.  It is sad and it isn't a unique story.  These poor children, a huge population of these children continue the legacy of poverty..... never seeing a way out because the children never experiences his parents finding a way out. 

It is sad.  And she is deluded.  She believes everything is great and wonderful.  She is living an unreality.  She is too young to understand what awaits her.  Afterall, all her friends are in the same predicament.  She was feeling quite alienated until she entered their world completely with an unplanned pregnancy. 

Why do people have so much disrespect for themselves and for human life?  Why are people still so idiotic in this day in age to forget to put on a rubber or take a pill?

BluOmni BluOmni
31-35, F
Feb 10, 2010