I Feel Like Dreaming Again...

It's just plain weird... There are some times when your dream is your worst nightmare and when your dream is like a dream you want to happen!
I just happened to have this very nice dream (which was weird), it was a dream about a guy I haven't even seen or met... I didn't know I had an imagination that big! Usually I have dreams about people I have already met, but this time, it was different...

Now this guy looked like a 15 year old American dude who had blonde hair (like Justin Bieber) and had a small cheek bone.
He was courting me to my house and we got a bit lost
(Then I forgot)
Then he was in a garden and I was staring at him through the window
I was singing, then he sang with me (He had such an incredible voice)

The dream was sooooo gooD! i WISH I had that kind of dream everyday and hope that dream comes true :) He was so dang cute, but I don't even know him . WEIRD!
Jacklol Jacklol
13-15, F
May 13, 2012