My Father's Crack

My parents divorsed shortly after I left for the military back in 97. My mother was an average person in public but a lush behind closed doors. My parents would come home and pund drinks or somle weed to get along and tolerate each other. I knew as a child my parents seen other people behind one anothers back. My father would sleep with women he had worked with, family members from my mothers side, and the occasional hooker or two. My mother was a little mor discreet with her activites and kept them out of plain view.

I recently came back to the Ohio area to visit some family I had not seen in ten or so years. I pretty much would rather stay away and drop off the grid before dealing with that drama and dissapointment. I got out of the car and there he stood, a far shell of what I remembered as my dad. His hair was gray, teeth now in bad shape, and about 90 pounds lighter than I could see. For the moment I tought to myself "has time really been so hard on this man". I know I had been to combat a few times, spent nearly 13 years away from the area, but this was the first look I had seen of hime up close.

The night came in with a cool breeze and we sat out on the back poarch listning to old classic rock and smoking cigs. He proceeded to tell me about his diff women he had moved in and out of his place, how a young girl with two kids sends him naked pics etc. Before I knew it he said it. I like a crack additct alot, she and I would sit back here and smoke some of her stuff and enjoy the high. I sat still not showing how it effected me earing him say that. Being in the military I knew I could hit the off button on emothions. This was a man who was supposed to be a role modle for his grand children, I was a better father than he has ever been, and I had to learn it from scratch. What a waste in time this man has become, never done anything father like with me but feels relaxed enough to tell me he smokes the worst drug out there. Why doesnt this man see he is a major dissapointment to me and I cant understand why he and the rest of the family have never changed.
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26-30, M
May 8, 2012