I Get Emotional Over Animals At The Best Of Times

I have been watching a show on the ABC about zoo life in Sydney ....  all the sagas of these different animals lives and it does make you cry

hearing about a monkey that had to be put down or how the old ones cope and how they have to adapt with travel to Overseas or a new pen etc

I found the episode of the birth of the Samaritan tiger cubs very joyful and tearful... just seeing the way the staff put so much time and love and hard work into the zoo and the babies and the mum giving birth

animals are amazing ....

zoos provide a chance for some to get health care and mating so that generational breeding employs at least some hope of no extinction of that species 

and by the same token these animals are wild and caged...

but we get to see them up close and if that were not the case we would miss out on a real treasure...

I applaud the zoo staff and envy them in some ways .... but its a hard job.  especially when you love animal deeply.
czaristacrystals czaristacrystals
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May 9, 2012