My Life Is Like A Blank Paper(its Sad Poem I Have Put My Feeling In To It I Hope U Will Also Do The Same Thing)

my life is a blank paper and continued to remain blank
whatever written on it disappeared with my tears
and my life become like blank paper
one day a strong wind came
and all flowers fell down from tree
Its neither fault of wind nor flowers
then whose fault is this?
all the fragrance got lost in the air
there is nothing remain now
my life is blank paper will continue remain like this
like flying birds
i don't have any place of mine to go and live
nor do i know the destination nor do i know the path
now where should i go
my dream to live with my  love remained as dream forever with me
and my life has just become like blank paper
inside the sadness there is a light of happiness
sadness is realization of  happiness
and all those people are always happy
who happily excepted the sadness
my life is blank paper and continued to remain blank


kagome30 kagome30
18-21, F
1 Response Feb 11, 2010

This is very poignant and beautiful, Kagome.