Just Sick And Tired

Aren't you just sick and tired of being sick and tired? The system is set up to keep people down, businesses require you to be an adult to work for them but yet are not required to pay sufficient for an adults needs. Today's trend of business is higher part timers to avoid paying out benefits, and then you have to have open availability or you wont be considered. So basically its, "yes work for me but no I won't pay you enough to live and no you can't get another job." It's almost impossible to get ahead, but forget getting ahead, almost impossible to stay afloat. They either start you off with higher pay and work you minimal hours, or you get full time hours and low starting pay. School you say? School has become a scam similar to getting a mortgage. School is incredibly expensive but YES they'll loan you all the money you need to get through college, but yes you will be a slave to the bank when you get out so no your degree won't help you. You go through and get through school to come out and get sucked dry of all your efforts. It's crazy out here, I don't know what to tell my children.
ReachingOut26 ReachingOut26
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1 Response May 4, 2012

yup, the American system is messed up. This is why I came to Europe to pursue a masters and pay about 300 bucks tuition versus 5 grand plus in the states. Finding work is still super hard unless it's English teaching, but at least the gov covers the cost of renting, having a baby is free and health insurance is super cheap. Unbelievable, that people are still bashing socialism.