Mother Like Daughter...

growing up all my mom did was charge us anything and everything. never said no to us. when i turned 18 i thought that was the way of life.. anything u want u get. and its rough to say no to myself. when i do i feel like im neglecting myself. growing up my parents made 80-110k a year.. my mom bounced between jobs and did home day care for a while and my dad was the bread winner and still is.. now im married and we make 80-90k a year and we spend most of it on stupid things. i am very greatful that we both have decent paying jobs and we can pay our bills.. we want to buy a house and have an ok. down payment saved.. we have separate bank accounts with a joint saving acct..seems like we cant get ahead.. some weeks i cant afford groceries.. ugh. i started watching my spending more and more.. and i cut my grocery bill in half last week and we didnt eat out at all.. its a constant battle.. it sucks.
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1 Response Nov 27, 2012

yes money problems can suck