Living With Monilethrix

I am 24.. soon to be 25. I have monilethrix as well. My moms side of the family does. We all vary in degrees of how bad it is.
Due to surgeries i've had and major stress, it has gotten worse. It's a bummer to be in the beauty industry and knowing one day, the hair on my head will be gone.
I have a couple wigs, but its hard to wear them knowing a wig is on your head. Along with the fact that it just rubs the hair out as well,making the situation worse. Right now, I can put my hair up and cover MOST of the baldness, but one day I won't be able to. I lose hair by the handfuls everyday. Especially in the shower.
I wish there was a cure.... badly.... not just for me, but for everyone that has it. Because if I have a hard time living with it, I know everyone else is too.
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1 Response Sep 17, 2012

I have good reason to think my one year grand daughter had monilethrix. Her dad has it and it looks like she has it as well. She has practically no hair on the sides and on the back of her head. I know it is only hair,but my heart aches knowing how hard it will be when she gets older. Any advice is helpful. thanks. Jackie

Unfortunately, not much advice I can give. I am now 27. Been a few years since writing that post. My hair is getting worse and worse. I wouldn't doubt I'll be bald in a few years. It breaks my heart and part of the reason why I have depression. It's a hard thing to overcome. For me, it's not just hair. I am a woman.. a woman should have hair. I should have choice on how I want my hair styled and colored. But I can't. My hair is in a forever ponytail.
I wish it could be cured. :(