Mood Swings What Mood Swings. Lol

It has come to my recent attention that I have some bad a very quick mood swings.  Due to my depression my mood swings have gotten worse.  I can be very happy at one point then very quickly I can become sad, angry, or even depressed sometimes for no reason at all.  So my doctor finally came to the conclusion that he thinks not only do I suffer from depression, but he thinks I suffer from a certain type of depression know as Bipolar depression.  Where you go from having very high good feelings to very low bad feelings for no reason.  So I will joke with my boyfriend about it saying, " what mood swings I don't have mood swings".  I always get a look from him like I am crazy and I have lost my mind and then I smile and laugh.

atttddiva atttddiva
26-30, F
Mar 6, 2009