Changed By The Moon

I dont have normal eyes my eyes change into gold and they change with my mood. I have Geeny blue eyes I never had any gold on my eyes but now i do. But what people get really freaked about is that My eyes turn gold when I look at the Moon. A couple of weeks ago I was outside waiting for the bus a school with my friend and we were talking about my eyes Turing colour. Then I looked at the moon and she saw them change instantly into gold then they turned back after i looked away, she then got really freaked out. So now I love freaking people out XD but i knew why they changed but they will never know XD
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1 Response Jan 6, 2013

Omg im so jealous my eyes dont changr colour but i want them to soooo badly! is it natural for u or did u do something to make them change colour?

Oh ok thank u im just so jealous