2 Morbid Dreams In One Night.

The worst dream I've ever had was about 8 years ago. There were two seperate dreams thats night. The first dream was about a man who kidnapped little babies and tortured them on video. The second dream, I remember in more detail... I was in a Blockbuster after hours one night with my family;my mom, dad and sister. We were all sitting at a table when a tall dark man busted through the doors with a machine gun shooting at everyone. Everyone went down except for me. My mom fell at my feet and the only thing I could do was grab her and run to the back and hide. After that I woke up shaking and sweating. I then started crying. No other dream has had that effect on me. The next day my dad's boss and friend died in a plane crash. That same weekend, a friend of mine was shot in a hunting accident. I hate to think that my dreams are premonitions in a way.
whiteisland whiteisland
22-25, F
May 21, 2012