Can't I Dream Of Anything But Serial Killers?

Recently I had a series of dreams all based around serial killers or murder. I'll leave out some detail so I'm not writing for weeks. It all started with a dream where I was a guy in some castle. There were people in a room acting like rabid animals and tried to attack me. I fought them off and ended up beating one to death with my bare hands. Next I fought a women an ended up pushing her out a wind onto a rocky cliff side. After all that struggle I calmly went up stairs to my room... there they were dozens of rotting decapitated heads in jars that I was keeping on shelves. When I seen this I knew in the dream that I was the one who murderd all these people. the strange thing was in I didn't feel sorry I feel like I was irritated because I knew normal people would judge me and wouldn't understand that I needed to do this. Then I woke up.

In the next dream I held captive be a masked serial killer with a bunch of people from my school. He had stabbed a bunch of women to death and dumped their bodies into a lake. Everyone was scared to death and didn't want to fight back at all, we all just sat in his living room basically waiting to die. I don't know why but I felt like they were weak and deserved what was going to happen to them because they weren't fighting back. Then the guy started taunted us, telling us how he would cut us open and laughed at how some of them were crying and attempting to appease him. Then something came over me and I couldn't help laughing at them too, I started telling them how they would all get stockholm syndrome (develope feelings for their captor). Then he sat next to me so I told him to get away and that he was worthless. He smiled, "I like you, you're full spite." Then he slid his hand down my back and started kissing me. Honestly I felt okay with what was going on and what he said next, "I might not kill you. I might keep you, but not the others."

In the dream after that I dreamed that my brother had murder several people with a machete and was keeping them under the floor boards at my grandparents house and only me and my 10 year old cousin, Nat, knew. I ended up telling my grandfather and took Nat out into the woods at their house. I knew my brother would come after us so I tried to hide Nat and then hide myself a little ways away from her. However every single time I would hider her and try to find my own spot she'd come running after me yelling my name then I had to try to hide us all over again. This happend several time untill my brother finally came out after us. I sat as still as possible and closed my eyes because I knew he saw me and I didn't want to see what was going to happen to me. Then after all that fear and panic my brother walked up and asked why I told, and why did I ever think he would kill me.

Murderer, hostage turned uncaring bystander, and almost victim. It is an odd progression of roles to take on in the time span of a month and a half. If anyone wants to take a STAB at interpreting any of this feel free.
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Jul 28, 2012