So here it is... me telling you that I might be a girly girl at times but I can hold my own. I can wear the heels and lip stick but if you get in my way I'm gonna kick your ***. And yes, you may take me down but I'm leaving my mark as I go. So to all the women who want to stand up... here's your group! LOL


Guys... we still love you!! MMUUAAHH!!

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I think you sound cool. Someone I'd get along with!!

You are so right… I’d be much better off taking crap from someone. Maybe I could live in a country where I walk behind the guy or one where as a child I’m forced to go to work instead of school. Don’t blame America or Americans for that matter on the world’s problems darlin’… I seriously doubt anything I post on EP is going to make a huge difference or add to violence and added gangs. I’m a strong, independent and proud American Woman and if me stating that upsets you then maybe this isn’t the place for you. <br />
<br />
And as for my speech, you don’t know me so don’t judge me by one story out of thousands that I have posted. Yes I can add vulgarity to my language, I have that right and being that I’m an adult I don’t need anyone scolding me for doing such. On the other hand I can and do speak quite eloquently when need be but that isn’t necessary here so :P <br />
Maybe the world’s problems are due to those passing judgment … just a thought.

Again that "...I'm gonna kick your *** ..." <br />
My goodness. Whether it is men or woman, I don't mind, but Americans seem to be using this and similar violent domination threathenings all the time. Go through any forum, and you come across loads of Americans who can only live their life, by using rudeness in their speach, it seems. <br />
It's is a sign of widespread non civilised behaviour. Keeping the general level of "typical national violence" high, and exporting it to the world... Ohhhh, thank you, America....

America.... **** yea!!! Hahahah That's what Americans do. Not all Americans, but a lot. America was founded on our savage fighting and killing. The only reason our people came here is because we were sick of putting up with people's ****. So we came here and started **** with other people. Retarded right? It is what it is. America has always been about hypocrisy, fighting and stealing. It's not cool. I'm not proud to be an American, but I am damn glad to be. The people here are not all bad. Most of our people hate our own government. We still carry the same reputation though.

no one has ever said it better!

you are my kinda lady! <br />
I love it!

"Hell have no fury like a woman scorn"

U go girl!!! (LOL!!!)