Woohoo Another Bra Burning Group...

It's always the bra's never the panties. I am unsure of how this group was started. Because if your hangin with a sackless wimp thats pretty much the choice you have made. Not all men are built to beat down every guy who offends you or them. Some times going to jail defending your honor isn't really a step up. It's kinda a step down. So if you wear your heart on your sleeve and cannot handle a little knudging find a neanderthal that doesn't have a problem beating down every guy you come in contact with.
Jamcojay Jamcojay
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2 Responses Jul 20, 2007

If you slap you may get HIT!<br />
Just sayin.<br />

That or you can do what I do and slap the ever loving **** out of anyone who dares to be a huge jerk. Most men are smart enough to know if you have the balls to slap the hell out of them in public that they might want to watch it or they might get a chair up side the head. I am still a girl but everything is a weapon when used right. <br />
<br />