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Well,time will becoming upon us soon, for all that seek that mark that will measure a 350 plus score on a set of Elk antler's that we should be able to have a life time of rememberence to share with the family and with the Bud's,for a hunting experience of a life time. For those who have trenched this mark,you know how difficult this can be, and for those who want to give it a try, my best wish's are with you and your's. For as my story goes,this is how it's been for me. I have lived in the Rocky Mountains since '95. 14 yrs. of chasing an animal that is seven times bigger than me, a whole lot smarter,( for he has a Harem ),and is seeked out by the most advanced people of the planet,whether rich or for poor! This animal can out strive any human on any continant,hand's down,period. They have survived over thousand upon thousand's of year's. How do they do it? They are Elk. Elk has learned that in order to survive,this is what they must do. They know that in order for their gene pool to pass on, they must have as many " girl's " as possible by the beginning of the FALL. Therefore when springtime come's around, the " girl's " will have as many calf's as the Lord is willing. Of course you will find that there is a high mortality rate amungst them, but the odd's are in their favor. Fighting off wolves,the cold and hunger,bear's , and human's. This is why I say the odd's are in their favor.Who here is affraid to go up against a grizzly bear,that sleep's in the same wood's as they do ? Who here has the stamina to go into hiding in the forest when the temperature is is at 0 degree's or below? Giving a take or two on the temp's ,for they very a lot. Who has the stamina of an animal that can cross several miles of country just for grazing? Up and down mountain's? I have seen several wolves around,but they don't seen to be in public much,but when they are around,it seem's that they kill other animal's such as sheep,cattle,or weakend livestock that won't survive,no matter what type of animal it is. Wolves can be deadly. Even to human's,believe it or not. Same as Bears,believe it or not. I want to get back to Elk hunting though. If I were to be interested in hunting up a massive type of Elk, where would I go? Wal- mart? Maybe. Local lumber yard? Maybe. Ah I know , at work, the most massive type of hunter's available. Every story I have heard has come from the place at work of the guy who has got a MONSTER size Elk, with a " rack" of plus size or better. I find this amazing in a way, that someone would carry a tape measure with them while hunting Elk or Deer. Some people really do if they are out to get a serious trophy bull elk or a trophy deer,but who get's the meat? I didn't. Maybe some jerky along the line to get my mind off the story  'cause the jerky was really good. Let's get to the real thing about going Elk hunting. It was 1997. Nov. 9th. Around 7:30 in the morning. I was walking in snow up to my butt, and I was in a drainage, also it was well below freezing that morning and very foggy. I was in the Mill Creek drainage,short of the forest road,say about two mile.Bulldozer Creek to be exact. I'm huffing and puffing climbing up the old forest trail, I got here before daylight,still climbing upward on a old forest road thinking to myself, WTF are you doing here? I am GD retarded!!! I started arguing with myself,do you want a bull elk?No,yes,no,yes. I don't know if it was the cold,lack of sleep,or hunter's adrenline. I just thought to myself that if I could just get something and go home,I would be satisfied. I had all of my tagg's for hunting deer and elk, so right now, I would be satisfied for either. Well, this is when I learned where Bull Moose and Bull Elk like to hang out after giving the " girl's " all they they have to give. It took several hour's of me stomping up and down the forest road to become aquainted with the area and it was getting really foggy,for I could barly see out of my binocular's, when all of a sudden, I saw something that looked like a piece of a burnt tree on the side of a tree. In a freezing fog,everything turn's white. In the mountain's, a freezing fog will turn everything pure white!!!! On the side of the tree,I saw antler's. I cleaned my binoc's the best I could, and looked again.SOMBTCH!!! It was a bull looking at me watching me go back up the road,and he was the centry for some other bull's that got away,another story I'll talk about later. To elaborate on my subject of using binoc's,that's what you use while looking for Elk. The Bull was sticking out just enough to pass the tree and keep an eye on me as I was going pass him and his bud's,but like I was saying, a freezing fog done him in,for everything turn's white,except for Deer and Elk. I raised the .338 Lapua, cleaned the scope again,for now it is snowing and freezing,I centered on the side of the tree and neck area,for he was about 300 yrd's below me,and easily, pulled the trigger. All I heard was crashing and stuff being broke up,and sounded like a truck turned loose down the side of a mountain.I turned and went down thinking that I had just scared the **** out of a herd of elk and they just cleared a path through this jungle type of forest to only find out that I had nailed a 5x5 Bull Elk in the neck,and he was all wrapped up against a few fallen trees awaiting my arrival!!!!! This Bull charged down a mountain side,over 2000 ft, after being shot in the neck,which took 3 men,a portable winch,1000 ft of rope,and being quartered,and two 4x4 truck's,4 day's of recoverey!!!!! I want to elaborate why was he there? That is what I mean about the Mating thing with these type of animals. They like to use fallen tree's trunk's as a good hiding spot,as their bedding area's so they can recooperate from a fall time of being with the girl's and be able to check in with them in the spring,and sure,you will find lot's of elk around by the road,but are they the true trophy that you found hiding in the forest???

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Feb 21, 2009