Always Have, They Smell Better And Are Only Obnoxious When They're Drunk.

Yes and what an excellent experience to create, I must say. Currently, I have 1 guy friend and the rest are female. Conversely, and perhaps not a surprise. My girlfriend has all guy friends (non-sexual relationships she assures me) and like a couple of girlfriends. Now of course, I'm having a lot of fun in here chatting with mellower dudes, well some might actually take offense if I called them dude. With guy friends, there's always a power struggle/control struggle going on or it's a battle of the wits and intelligence.
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Lol! All the girls I've known smell great but some of the guys wear cologne that makes me think "Do girls even like that??"<br />
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Power struggle eh? That could make sense. Males see other males as intimidating, if only subconsciously, but we don't have to compete against girls.